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Overview of Subaru

Subaru is a division of the Japanese transportation company Fuji Heavy Industries, originally an aircraft parts manufacturer. Kenji Kita, the CEO of Fuji Industries in the 1950s, wanted to get the company involved in car manufacturing and began plans to develop a model that he entitled “Subaru.” Named for the Pleiades star cluster, this eventually became the design for the Subaru logo. The very first Subaru model, the Subaru 1500, was developed in 1954, but only twenty were developed initially due to a lack of resources. In the following years, however, dozens of additional Subaru models were developed. This included the 1000 model that saw the introduction of the renowned Subaru boxer engine in 1965. This unique model has a linear flow of power that results in better gas mileage, giving Subaru the title of most fuel efficient all wheel drive vehicle in America.

All Wheel Drive

In 1969 the Subaru finally broke into the United States market, and in 1972 Subaru produced its first four wheel drive model. In the following decade, all wheel drive became a standard feature for all Subaru models. Since this addition they’ve set a precedent for high quality all wheel drive and have been the best selling all wheel drive vehicles in America since 2010. Today Subaru defines their identity based on the symmetrical all wheel drive and turbo engines that provide their high performance vehicle status.

Why Subaru?

Subaru was the recipient of Kelley Blue Book’s 2016 Overall Brand, Most Trusted Brand, and Best Resale Value. Subaru builds a vehicle with safety in mind as well as a dedication to building vehicles that last. Subaru was also the first automotive plant in the United States to achieve zero landfill status, with 96% percent of Subaru models sold in the last ten years still on the road today.

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