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Overview of Scion

In 2003, Toyota launched Project Exodus in an attempt to attract younger customers to the Toyota brand. A Los Angeles digital design company came up with the brand and logo for Scion, meaning “the descendant of a family or heir.” The brand was released as a youth brand and first introduced in 2002 at the New York Auto Show. The brand was available nationwide in June of 2004.

Appeal To Young Buyers

The Scion offers a concept called Pure Pricing that makes the model most desirable to young customers. This means that the price posted, whether on the vehicle or in an advertisement, is the price the customer will pay. This includes the vehicle, accessories, and insurance products available. Their mission was to create affordable compact cars with a plethora of customizable accessories, giving each vehicle its own sense of identity for the buyer. For example, one can add a subwoofer, different types of decals, or over 150 other types of accessories.


In February of 2016, Toyota announced the Scion would be phased out. The current FR-S, iA, and the iM will be re-badged as Toyota models in 2017. Since they will be reframed as additional Toyota models, there will be no disruption in service options to be expected.

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