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Overview of Mercury

Bridging the Economy/Luxury Price Gap

American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company created the Mercury division in 1938 to bridge the price gap between its economical Ford and luxury Lincoln vehicle lines. The idea was modeled off General Motor’s Companion Make Program. The program introduced the concept of guiding consumers to gradually buy their way up an automotive product ladder to the most high-end model using progressive price points. For decades, Mercury experimented with different models with some more successful than others. Their short-lived Mercury Edsel, released in 1958, was considered such a huge marketing flop that its very name has become synonymous with commercial failure. Conversely, models like the Mercury Sable were considered highly influential and were marketed for several generations. In the summer or 2010, after continuously declining sales and numerous attempts at reviving the brand, Ford announced the discontinuation of the Mercury division.

Why Buy a Mercury?

The beauty of purchasing a discontinued brand is that you won’t see tons of them on the road—perfect for individuals who like to stand out and be unique! For instance, if you can get your hands on a ’49 Mercury Merc you truly would be a rebel (the Merc was famously featured in the movie Rebel Without a Cause staring James Dean and was a popular pick for greasers). All joking aside, Mercury offers an array of comfortable and reliable vehicles with attainable pricing.

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