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Overview of Maserati

The four Maserati brothers opened their doors in 1914 in Bologna, Italy and have since played a significant role in sports car culture and history. After relocating their headquarters to the current location in Viale Ciro, Maserati established itself as a global brand, reaching over 70 markets worldwide.

The Trident

The fifth Maserati brother designed the logo that defined the status of Maserati and became the badge for all the company car models: the Trident. A talented artist, he sought after a design that would represent strength and courage, and found his inspiration in the statue of Neptune that stood in the heart of the city. The red and blue colors came from the banner of the founding city of Bologna. Today the Trident represents the exclusive status of Maserati and their identity as elegant and luxurious sports cars.

Evolution of Excellence

Over the years, Maserati has continued evolving their style and design in automotive fashion while remaining loyal to the distinct features of the brand. The clean lines and smooth surfaces of the Sixties slowly evolved into the right-angled shapes and sleek lines of the models you find today. • Ghibli – the Sixties and Seventies saw a model that was becoming more streamlined, with the power of the cars increasing. The defining radiator grille on the Ghibli held the trident in the middle with surrounding chrome to meet the demand of a betting cooling solution. • Maserati Biturbo – the Eighties saw a further evolution of the radiator grille, when the features of the car became more angular and the grills more simple. • Birdcage 75th – possibly the most iconic model in history, the Birdcage 75th defined the Nineties Maserati style with its sleek lines and rounded look. • Levante – Maserati recently created a new benchmark in superb automotive design with the release of their first SUV model. Maserati now covers the entire range of luxury automotive design and continues to reach new heights.

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