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Overview of Jaguar XJ

The British brand of Jaguar has a long history of producing luxury vehicles, and the Jaguar XJ is no exception. The original model of the XJ was released in 1968 and saw a number of developments until 2009, when the Jaguar XJ underwent a complete style transformation into the models that are available today. It is one of the official cars of the royal families as well as the UK Prime Minister.

Make a Statement

The aggressive yet sleek look of the Jaguar pays homage to its name. The low, wide stance of the vehicle, the imposing front grille design, and the LED headlights that boast a “double J” daytime signature light design make this car instantly recognizable. With exceptional engines and 8-speed transmission, the XJ offers the refinement of a luxury vehicle with the responsiveness of a sports car.

Advanced Body Structure

The Jaguar XJ is not just beautiful on the outside. The vehicle is constructed from aluminum monocoque that creates a strong yet light structure that also allows for precise handling and impact absorption on rough terrain. The body is also constructed from 50 percent recycled sources, and the lightweight structure allows for better fuel economy.

Technological Safety Advances

The Jaguar XJ gives drivers a technological advantage for a more interactive driving experience and is built to keep you safe. The updated LED headlights of the 2016 models recognize light from other vehicles and can switch between low and high beams. Additionally, an Adaptive Front Lighting option works with your steering to increase brightness when you turn to aid in night driving. There are also options for Parking Aids, a remote antitheft system, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and front side mounted airbags.

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Jaguar XJ For Sale

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