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If you’re looking to buy Honda vehicles online, take a look at the overview of each vehicle Honda has to offer: Japanese and industrialist Soichiro Honda founded the Honda corporation in 1948. This corporation has had tremendous success with motorcycles, transmissions and engines too. It has a very good reputation for value and dependability, although it came later into the scene than other big automakers. Their popular cars can be found at either end of the size spectrum.


Appearing first in the United States in 2000, it has been gaining popularity since then. The small, sporty hybrid has a fun five-speed manual transmission that shifts easily between electric power and fuel.


The Civic line is at the smaller end scale. This is a much beloved car among those that want an inexpensive yet reliable car. The Civic is also praised for its easily tunable engine and sleek look. The tunability was displayed broadly in the “Fast and the Furious” movie series. The Civic CRX was discontinued after 1991. It still has a large near-cult following. Having a boxy hatchback, it is praised for its easy-to-access engine and sporty looks. Civic del Sol had a brief time on earth as it was produced from 1993 to 1997. It had a removable hard-top and it was popular during cooler and warmer climates alike. Its fan base like to buzz about the possibility of a relaunch.

Accord and Fit Accord… even the names imply harmony!

The Accord is a very popular sedan in the US. It constantly competes with the Camry from Toyota and some to its American equivalents. This car is known for its durability and excellent mileage. Consistently in the top ten most popular cars country wide. The fit is just a cool car. Plain and simple as that. New since 2007, this is a five-door package of fun. Have you seen the commercial where all seats get moved around? How can you not one one? SUV’s Moving into the larger end of the scale, Honda’s SUV’s fleet is impressive. The RAV’s appeared to own the small SUV market of imported ones. However, they have kept up with demand and have created a robust little sport utility vehicle for those that do not need bigger machines. The Pilot is slightly brighter than the CRV. Not inexpensive, this SUV is the basis for the much more pricy Acura MDX. It scratches the luxurious with its optional leather seats and DVD players. It provides comfort for children of all ages. The Passport has been phase out. It was available from 1994-2002 it helped bring the popularity of SUV’s with a more reliable and fun alternative to some of the less agile machines available during that time.


Two cars can be consistently classified as sport outside the Civic line. Produced from 1978 to 1991 the Prelude was a relatively quick and agile but was discontinued to the distress of many. In 2000 the S2000 arrived. This two-seater had an unlike Honda price tag, but its luxuries made it well worth the price.


All carmakers that can consider themselves complete have the crossover category. Either it is a big station wagon or a small SUV, the Honda’s boxy crossover was targeted to those who like to do outdoorsy weekend activities that include tons of gear. The seats can be adjusted to allow for bikes, surfboards or rock climbing gear.

Pickups and Vans

Honda’s first pickup truck is the Ridgeline. Although it leans more toward an SUV that the average small truck. It has four doors and ample luxuries. It drives as a truck but it has the cushier feel of the SUV. Lastly, we get to the Odyssey. This is perhaps the best-named minivan around. Available since 1995, it gives its occupants some nice features to let the ride seem a little less arduous. The feel of having two separate cabins is given by the separate temperature and volume controls. Especially with the rear-seat DVD option for the kiddos. Makes you feel for Odysseus while taking them on Thanksgiving , huh?

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