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Overview of Chrysler

Excellence in Motion

Chrysler was founded by Walter Chrysler in the early 1920s with the goal of designing a revolutionary new car. He decided that his new brand would represent affordable luxury vehicles known for their innovative engineering. Within a decade of its founding, Chrysler became known as Detroit’s “engineering company.”

A History of Firsts: Inspiration Comes Standard

Several significant automotive innovations have been possible because of the Chrysler Corporation. Through its years of engineering, Chrysler has enjoyed many firsts, such as “floating power,” a method of mounting engines that limited vibration, and the revolutionary commission of a gas turbine engine to harness the high power and low maintenance of aircraft engines. Other firsts include: • First automotive proving ground • Power steering • HEMI • The Mini-van • Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Design with Purpose

Chrysler has merged with a number of other automotive companies over the years in an effort to progress its mission of innovative engineering and affordable luxury. Most notably among them are Dodge, Jeep, and most recently Fiat. We have these partnerships to thank for near-iconic vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler and Hummer.

Why Buy Chrysler?

Chrysler continues to stand for American ingenuity, substance, and style. Their distinctive designs, constant forward-thinking, and delivery on the promise of affordable luxury—need we mention the Chrysler 300?—keep buyers riveted to what they’ll do next.

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