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Even though Toyota is frequently studied as case scenario in business schools as the benchmark in recent business efficiency, it was Honda the first to realize the incredible market for luxury vehicles. The Acura brand was created in 1968. Shortly thereafter 18 dealerships were opened in the United States.


Acura named its first sedan ""Legend"". This spoke highly of the great faith in its own brand. It survived until 1996, when it was replaced with the RL. The joke was that it stood for ""Replaces Legend""

Compact Cars

In 1986 he Integra irrupted as both a coupe and a sedan. Its popularity raised almost instantly due to its sleek look and tunability. In 2002 it would be replaced by the RSX and then the TSX. However, it still has many loyal fans.


Acura also released the Compact EL in 1997, the midsize CL coupe also in 1997 and the midsize TL Sedan in 1995. From 1992-1995 the TL was named vigor. It was later rebranded as the TL


Acura's first SUV was the SLX. Apparently, it was ahead of its time as it was only produced from 1996 to 1999. Its predecessor was Acura's second SUV, the MDX but until 2001. The Honda Odyssey platform was the base for the MDX and shared many features in common with the Honda Pilot (Honda's full size SUV). The RDX made its entry as a small-size SUV/ cross over wagon in 2007.

Sports Cars

Among the most celebrated vehicles for this fairly recent maker is the NSX, a slick sports model that was first produced in 1991. It was famous for its powerful curvy shape and powerful engine. The NSX is a powerful yet gorgeous luxury sports machine. All in all, Acura has accomplished a lot for such a recent entry into the crowded automaker market. It benefits from being able to build on Honda's reliable platforms. This allows Acura to mark even more quickly than expected. This luxury brand from Honda has gained speed after a slow period in the 1990's. It has regained its staying power and will remain a relatively well-liked brand for years to come."

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